Friday, 7 May 2010

Walking Home

The Walk Home from Brighton, along the south downs way. We camped out wild camping and walked the 30 odd miles from Brighton to Heyshott via a few pubs. I'm only 13 months old, luckily the tent and stuff and a bottle of bubbles was carried for me!

Well first we had to get to Brighton, so we could walk home. You need to be somewhere to be able to walk home. We ran for the bus at Cocking, caught a train from Chichester to Brighton and arrived in Brighton with a few hours to spare before our next bus.

So we took in the sites and sounds of a big bad city. A walk down the pier, with lots of sea gulls to watch and the sea under my feet, which was rather curious.

Enjoying Brighton's pebbles, what big round pebbles - and plop into the sea they go.

And the ice cream was very good too.

Then it was time to leave the pier and beach behind and let the walking begin.

And the camping, just making sure daddy can pitch the tent right and can knock the pegs in well enough, I can help too, I have a stone....knock knock.....that's better daddy.

Guy ropes, are you sure we need them??

What fun in the tent all soft and cuddly especially mummy's sleeping bag, can I have one?

Alfresco supper, watch out for the aeroplanes they are up in the sky.

Dinner tastes good in the tent.
Maybe we could drive home.....would you like a lift???

Walking up and over the Down, seeing cows and sheep, aeroplanes and birds.

and to the trig points...I made it with my bubbles.

And we got home to Heyshott in time for tea, after four days of adventure and three nights under canvas.

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